Sunday, June 21, 2015

Remembering my June Brides

By Lisa; "For they say when you marry in June you're a bride all your life."

Millie's Event Designs would like to send out happy thoughts to my June Brides. First, a Happy Anniversary to Sam and Allison Tapko who were married a year ago at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church. And, Best Wishes to Matt and Suzie Schmitz, who were married recently at Redemptorist Catholic Church.

When choosing a wedding planner Millie's Event Designs won't just be there to celebrate Your wedding, we will be there to celebrate your happily ever after each anniversary just like family!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Raise Your Glass…

By Lisa; The Wedding Celebration of Suzanne Victoria Hsieh and Matthew Thomas Schmitz took place on June 6, 2015, in the traditional cathedral setting of Redemptorist Catholic Church, Kansas City, Missouri.  The ceremony was officiated by Father Brian Johnson.  Millie's Event Designs was honored to be chosen as the bride’s wedding coordinator.

On a beautiful and warm Saturday afternoon in June, family and friends celebrated the wedding nuptials of Suzie Hsieh and Matt Schmitz.  The bow of the cello and the ivory keys of the piano played together the music of Bach, Pachelbel, and Morricone as the wedding party and bride walked down the aisle to the altar.  For the guests, the music sounded as if it was falling softly from the Heavens above.

The reception was held at The Terrace on Grand; beginning with a cocktail hour on the rooftop deck.  Guests were then belled down to the dinning room where the ceiling was lit with strings of little white lights and a star struck chandelier accented with white draping over the dance floor. Each guest found their seat and awaited the wedding party to begin the buffet style dinner. The menu was a Taste Signature salad with balsamic vinaigrette and ranch dressing. The main course was Marsala chicken and smoked brisket with garlic parmesan mashed potatoes garnished with roasted Italian herb vegetables.

After dinner the bride and groom were asked to come to the center of the dance floor by DJ Jon Bartlett with Remix DJ's; where they cut their three tier white icing cake decorated with green foliage around each tier. The cake table was surrounded with white, ivory and pale pink rose petals. The cake was custom made by cake artist Renea Feagin owner of Baked Expressions;

It was now time for the toasts, beginning with the bride’s father Dr. Wing Hsieh.  Dr. Hsieh took his place on the dance floor addressing family and friends with a heartfelt speech of life long memories of his daughter Suzie and a welcoming of his new son-n-law Matt. The toasts continued with the best man and then the maid of honor, the bride’s sister. After each speech the glasses were raised to toast the newly married couple Mr. and Mrs. Matt Schmitz.

Everyone's eyes were still on the dance floor as the newlyweds danced their first dance.  The bride’s parents strolled their way to the dance floor followed by the father/daughter and mother/son traditional dances.  Dr. Hsieh's parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by showing everyone that they could still dance the polka.

No reception can be complete at The Terrace on Grand; without having your picture taken at sunset on the rooftop deck with the skyline of downtown Kansas City as your backdrop. Carson Swisher; was the photographer on site capturing that very moment for the bride and groom.

Every bride deserves a picturesque venue and celebration to create her lasting memories, contact Millie's Event Designs; today to begin your wedding journey.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Check Yes or No….

By Lisa; The wedding ceremony of Amber Lea Tierney and Nathan George Vaughan was held on Saturday, May 30, 2015, at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. Father Richard Story officiated the ceremony. A reception followed at David and Anita Nigro's beautiful barn setting.  Millie's Event Designs was chosen as the wedding planer for this blessed affair;

Today's the day that Amber and Nathan celebrated their "peach" nuptials with family and friends.  The  first note Nathan passed to Amber he wrote; "Nothing would make me more happy than to tell the world we are together!" Relationship? Check yes or no. We are here today, because Amber checked YES!

The barn reception was turned into an elegant setting with crystal chandeliers hung from the celling along with strings of little white lights thanks to Landers Visions. The walls were draped in white curtains with accent lighting giving the venue a more romantic scene.

Once the guests entered the barn they were treated to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.  The menu was artisan mac and cheese bar. Local and imported wedges and cheeses cubes. Seasonal fruits and berries, caesar salad, sliced baguettes and cracker breads. Grilled tenderloin with baby greens on egg washed rolls, dressed with herbed cream cheese.  Organic baby greens with feta, toasted nuts and berries dressed with raspberry vinaigrette. Sliced smoked salmon with capers, red onions and dill sour cream.  Sliced baguettes, lump crab Rangoon dip accompanied by triangles of crispy wontons.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Vaughan made their grand entrance in front of family friends.  As they walked into the reception they made their way over to cut their cake and toast one another.  The night continued with a welcome toast from the bride's father, followed by a toast from the groom.

After the toasts it was then time for the first dances; bride and groom, father and daughter followed by the groom and his mother. The dance floor was open for all the guests to dance to the mix of DJ Nick Ridell.

As the guests departed they were provided one last "peach" treat to remember the day by. A cart full of peach preserves made by Grandma Black from the recipe from Great Grandma Bray.  All were asked to "spread the love" forward.

When your "tasty peach" comes along and you check YES, contact Millie's Event Designs; to plan your "fresh nuptials". We are here to help you celebrate and "Spread your Love"!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Married Love" by Kaitlin and Joseph

By Lisa;  Saturday, April 25, 2015 found family and friends celebrating the Nuptial Mass uniting Kaitlin Victoria Elizabeth Byrne & Joseph Anthony Privitera II at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church.  Millie's Event Designs was on site as the wedding coordinator.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown Kansas City for the grand ceremony joining these two lovely local families.  The bride was joined at the altar by her 13 bridesmaids and her groom was supported by his 13 groomsmen.  The maid of honor was Kaitlin's sister, Andreina Byrne.  Joseph chose his two brothers as his best men; Carl Privitera III and John Alex Privitera.

The couple chose the poem "Married Love" to illustrate their relationship as man and wife.
Married Love 
"You and I have so much love that it burns like a fire. In which we bake a lump of clay molded into a figure of you and a figure of me. Then we take both of them, and break them into pieces, and mix the pieces with water. And mold again a figure of you, and a figure of me.  I am in your clay.  You are in my clay. In life we share a single quilt.  In death we will share one bed."
                                                  by Kuan Tau-Sheng

After the ceremony and pictures it was off to Union Station to welcome family and friends to continue the celebration with a memorable reception. The dinner was a beautiful Italian buffet starting with appetizers of mozzarella and italian sausage arancini, classic tomato-basil bruschetta complemented with fresh baked rolls and butter. The salad was mixed baby greens and sliced cucumbers, grace tomatoes with Bermuda red onions topped with crouton and feta cheese. The entrees of sliced tender beef brisket in au jus and Boursin chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and Boursin cheese finished with a garlic herb sauce. * Accented with garlic whipped mashed potatoes, green beans and julienne red peppers tossed in olive oil. 

The cake by Rama Sola was as delicious as it was beautiful. This three tier artistic cake was personalized with K & J in silver surrounded by two eight foot tables of delightful homemade Italian cookies by Dianna Cascone.

There wasn't a dry eye after Kaitlin's father Ian Byrne of The Elders, wrote and sang Beautiful Girl to the new Mrs. Joseph Privitera.  The guests were treated to the sounds of the bands The Zero's along with The Elders; as they danced the night away.

The wedding season is fast upon us!  Don't wait, contact Millie's Event Designs; now to plan YOUR wedding extravaganza!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Royal Wedding KC Style…

By Lisa;  December 13, 2014 or 12-13-14 "A date not easily forgotten!"  On that special Saturday night, at half past five, the Missouri Bank and Trust in downtown Kansas City, MO hosted the marriage ceremony uniting Carolyn Anne Gray and Jeffrey Daniel Huggins.  Millie's Event Designs was on site as the wedding coordinator for the special occasion;

After an exchange of vows and a giving of the rings, the Honorable Beth Philips presented to family and guests the newly minted husband and wife; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huggins.  Immediately following the ceremony the guests were treated to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres prepared by Blue Pot Catering;  While the wedding party was taking pictures at Crown Center, the family and guests were transported a short distance to the formal reception held at The Little Theatre inside Kansas City's Art Deco Municipal Auditorium complex.

The bride and groom along with the wedding party then made their grand entrance into The Little Theatre; where they were introduced by the band "The Karen Davis Project." Carolyn and Jeff then cut their cake and toasted to their blessed day.  It was then time for the speeches by Carolyn's father Tom, Jeff's brother Justin and Carolyn's sisters Katy and Lauren.

The couple moved next to the dance floor where they danced to Frankie Valli's - "Can't take my Eyes off of You".  Next, Carolyn brought her father to the floor where they danced to "Have I told you Lately".  It was then time for the groom to dance with his mother Maggie to Gaelic Storm's - " Kiss me I'm Irish".   The Karen Davis Project; then opened the floor for all guests playing "We are Family"!

At precisely 9:10pm, the guests were treated to a special surprise gift by the bride to her new husband, a die hard Kansas City Royals fan.  The groom was in awe and shock as the Royals' mascot "Slugger" came running onto the dance floor as the band played "Take me out to the Ballgame!"  The night then shifted into high celebration as the guests donned glow-in-the-dark glasses and used lightsabers to cut loose.

When planning your "Date Never to be Forgotten" be sure to include Millie's Event  and let us execute your plans to Grand Slam perfection!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Best Day Ever!

By Lisa; Sarah Sandoval and Arthur Chambers welcomed family and friends to their "Best Day Ever!" and Millie's Event Designs was on site as they're wedding coordinator at The Montgomery Event Center in Excelsior Springs, MO.

On October 18th, Sarah Ann Sandoval and Arthur Allen Chambers exchanged their vows in an intimate Spanish setting, surrounded by family and close friends. Sarah and Arthur had chosen as a couple to perform a "Love Letter & Wine Box" wedding ceremony.  The box contains a bottle of wine and a love letter from each to the other.  The letter described the good qualities they find in one another, the reasons they fell in love and their reasons for choosing to marry.  The letters are sealed in individual envelops and they have not seen what the other has written. They have created their own very "romantic" time capsule to be opened only if they need to remind each other of their love and reasons for marriage.  Tradition holds, if the box has not been open before the 5th wedding anniversary, it is to be opened at that time in celebration of five strong years together!

As the newly married couple left the setting to take some post ceremony pictures, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour as the caterers began setting up for the delectable buffet.  Once the sun had set the guests were asked to form a canopy line lit with sparklers welcoming to the reception Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chambers.

The newlyweds & wedding party began the buffet line as their guests followed suit.  Next was the tradition of cutting the three layer cake (designed by cake artist Sherrie Ortiz; Afterwards each parent gave a heartfelt memorable toast the bride & groom "Vaya con Dios" or God be with you!

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chambers danced their first dance as man & wife. Then Arthur danced with his mother & Sarah with her father.  As the traditions came to a close the DJ, James Gaona invited the guests to join the couple onto the dance floor.

The celebration lasted into the night until last guest closed the door and bid Buenas Noches (good night) to Sarah & Arthur.

Once you have said YES to the proposal it is time to say YES to Millie's Event Designs; as you're wedding coordinator.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let Love be Sincere…

By Lisa; Happy is the bride the sun shines on; On Saturday, August 2 at 2:30 pm the sun was shinning brightly on Miss Kristyn Reardon.  She was united in holy matrimony with  Mr. John Kimminau at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Kansas City, MO in front of family and friends.  Millie's Event Designs was the wedding planner on site for this beautiful event.

Jason Domingues Photography

Jason Domingues Photography

Immediately following the ceremony the couple and the wedding party were treated to a bus tour around Kansas City.  They stopped at several memorable sites to take a few photos with the newly married couple; Mr. and Mrs. John Kimminau.

Jason Domingues Photography

Jason Domingues Photography
The Intercontinental Hotel; was the site for the evening reception that began at 6:00 pm with a cocktail hour and an assortment of delectable hors d'oeuvres. Promptly at 6:45 pm the guests were chimed into the Alameda Ballroom, where the room was transformed to the glow of an evening full of romance. The band Lost Wax; introduced the wedding party to the room filled to capacity of family and guests awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds.  After a toast by the bride's father, Jay Reardon, the couple proceeded to cut the wedding cake.  Mr. Dave Kimminau, the groom's father gave the blessing before each guest was served a beautifully prepared entree'.  The guests were treated to the "First Dance" by the newlyweds and then to the dances with Kristyn and her father and Jay with his mother. The ballroom was electrified with the guests dancing and celebrating late into the night to the music of the band Lost Wax.

Jason Domingues Photography

John and Kristyn hope to continue to build on their family foundations so they may grow and prosper in their love for one another.  They are looking forward to a lifetime of laughter and memories with family and friends.

Congratulations and may God bless you both each and every day!

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