Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top of the Morning...Millie's Event Designs goes Irish on Fox 4 News

By Lisa:  A four leaf clover, Irish stew, a lucky horse shoe and a mug of green beer are all the ingredients of a St. Patrick's Day Theme. 

Once again Millie's Event Designs was featured on Fox 4 News at 9:00 AM presenting our ingredients to throw a St. Patrick's Day bash.  Treat your guest to a traditional Iris dinner of corned beef and cabbage accented with mini red potatoes.  End the meal with an authentic Irish dessert of apple pearl barley pudding.  Complement it all with a mug of green beer or the Guinness of their choice. 

To entertain your guest, have a game of horse shoes or ring tossing over Guinness bottled beer.  The winner receives a gift certificate to their local Irish pub.  

Contact Millie's Event Designs to make sure you have all the ingredients to throw that perfect Irish bash.  Cead Mile Failte (a hundred thousand welcomes)!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Millie's Event Designs Slam Dunks March Madness as seen on Fox 4

By: Lisa;  "Oh Baby" March Madness is upon us.  With that said, we were invited back to appear on Fox 4's 9 am newscast showcasing ideas on hosting a March Madness party.

This is such an exciting time of year.  You can just feel the electricity in the air.  The buzz is all about the road to the final four.  Who will take the title this year, KU, Syracuse or possibly another win for Coach "K"? Along the road hosting a tournament party is a fun way to gather friends around the TV to cheer on their favorite teams.  Start by having each guest fill out their bracket sheet before the games start.  Then have a few games prepared like playing nerf basketball during half time or between games.

Accessorize your table with a few school pennants, some pompoms and a NCAA basketball. Invite your guest to a buffet style of appetizer foods like wings, sliders and some fries, but put a spin on naming the foods such as Jayhawk wings, Tiger sliders and Wildcat chili fries.  Have your local bakery make a bracket cake to serve for dessert.  As the host, not showing favoritism by wearing a referee shirt will gain you some points maybe even a three pointer.

On your road to March Madness and the Final Four, contact Millie's Event Designs to make sure your party is a slam dunk too!