Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Night to Imagine Your Future

By Lisa:  Mid America Nazarene University Bell Cultural Event Center was the site for the first annual Fry PathMaker Scholarship Foundation dinner.  The event recognized nine Olathe, Kansas high school students, their parents and guests during an evening of celebration.

The PathMaker Foundation's objective is to stimulate, nurture and financially support AVID students (Advancement Via Individual Determination) in the Olathe School District.  It also serves to enhance their opportunities for post secondary education.  Last night each of the nine selectees earned $1,000 upon selection.  Another $1,000 will be awarded at the end of their junior year and $2,000 will be awarded upon their graduation from high school.  

As the event coordinator for the Fry PathMaker Scholarship Foundation, I collaborated with local orthodontists Bob and Jeremy Fry, the foundation’s primary sponsors.  I felt privileged to share my designs with them and to bring their initial event from inception to execution as the professional guiding touch. 

The guests were treated to a two entree buffet featuring roast pork loin with tarragon cream sauce and grilled salmon with fine herbes beurre blanc.  Sides included a sautéed medley of fresh summer squash, broccoli polonaise and oven roasted parmesan new potatoes.  Each place setting featured a spring salad pre-set with baby greens, toasted almonds, herbs, lemon and goat cheese along with a french baguette.  The meal was topped off with a three layer chocolate cake that was sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

At the end of the meal, we welcomed to the podium our speaker for the evening, Munro Richardson, PhD., and author of What's in Your Kubbard?  Dr. Richardson is Vice President of Education and advises the Foundation on strategic program initiatives and new opportunities related to youth education.  He also assists with the Foundation's civic engagement in Kansas City.  Dr. Richardson helped to develop several major new programs, including Kauffman Scholars and the Foundation's math and secondary education initiative.  Previously, he was the deputy director of Kauffman Scholars, Inc., where he worked with the Scholars team during its demanding startup phase to guide the program's administration, operations and finance. 

As we congratulated each scholarship recipient we could not help but imagine the brightness of their future paths thanks to this opportunity offered by the Frys and the PathMaker Scholarship Foundation.

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